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Richard’s Offers You a Private Hot Tub From Everyday Life

Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions loves selling not only swimming pools but also hot tubs in Houston! We enjoy building and installing them because they provide our customers the opportunity to escape the physical and mental stresses of everyday life. Our hot tubs allow people to relax, relieve their aches and pains, and help them sleep better. Not to toot our own horn, but at Richard’s TBS we believe our products help individuals lead healthier, happier lives!

In Katy, Houston, and throughout the surrounding area, we make it easy for you to take it easy. We’re a customer-driven business that provides a product to enhance the lives of others.


Hot tub accessories that make your Hot Spring®
experience even more enjoyable!


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Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions can provide an exclusive
monitoring option for your spa, ideal for spa owners who are on the
go or have a spa at a second home.


With the CoolZone™ System, you can heat and cool the water —
something that is not possible with most spas. Enjoy a cool dip during
the day and warm soak later that night. The CoolZone system works
with your spa’s heater to efficiently raise the temperature in just a
few hours. In Houston, this is an ideal accessory to have on your hot


Richard’s Total backyard Solutions offer to choice to have a salt water
hot tub with the ACE System from Hot Spring Spas. Only the ACE
system creates “active oxygen” and other powerful cleaners from just
a little bit of salt and your spa water. So, there are fewer chemicals

We’ve Got You Covered- Cover Lifters!

Cover lifters make it quick and easy to lift your hot tub cover off and
on. Our cover lifters also help extend the life of your cover by
reducing wear and tear.


Picture6Slipping into your spa is easy with the CoverCradle
system. Featuring dual pneumatic gas springs and ultra-smooth gliding action, this cover
removal system fits snugly on your spa and takes up little room. Requires 24″ clearance.


Picture7The second generation of this innovative system, the
CoverCradle II features a single pneumatic gas spring that makes covers easy to lift with little
manual effort. Requires 24″ clearance.


Picture8Ideal for limited clearance applications like decks and
gazebos, UpRite® allows the cover to fold back behind just above spa bar top to maximize
clearance while creating a convenient privacy barrier. Requires only 7” clearance.


Picture9Easy meets economical with the Lift N’ Glide® cover
lifter, which uses a gliding action to help you easily remove your spa cover as you get ready to
use your hot tub. Requires 14″ clearance.

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Freeflow Spas has hot tubs that can fit your backyard, including condo balconies and porches. We even have a triangular portable hot tub for corner spaces! Don’t own your home? No worries! FreeFlow spas are perfect for renters too, because there’s no custom installation required. Our spas can be filled with a garden hose and plugged directly into any standard 110v outlet.

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Not only that, but our portable hottubs also help bring family and friends closer. Think of your hottub as a special retreat for you and your loved ones, where you can enjoy each other’s company in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard. It can also be used as a private getaway for those quiet moments alone with that special someone in your life.
Thank you for choosing Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions, the hot tub, spa and pool builder that has served Houston and Katy for over 25 years.

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