Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning Houston

Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions can provide filter cleaning services on various types of pool filters, including:

  • DE Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Sand Filters

Our fees are reasonable, and all our work is guaranteed.

Clean Swimming Pool Filters Save You Money!

Not only will your system run better and be more efficient with a clean pool filter, it will also take less money to operate.  Dirty swimming pool filters cause more stress on the system making it harder for the system to run.  Under these conditions, the filter system will require more electricity to operate.  We see on average that a dirty filter which has been cleaned will drop the pressure on the filter tank between 5-15 PSI.  With the increased flow the filter will then draw less amps or power becoming more cost efficient. Saving you money!

For more information, or to schedule service, please fill out the service request form, or send an e-mail request to service@richardstbs.com.