Richard’s Backyard BBQ Party Ideas

Now that it is summer, the outdoor entertaining season is in full swing. From grad parties, holidays, birthdays to just for fun summer parties, there is always some reason to get outside and gather with friends and family. When throwing a backyard fiesta, it is important to do some...Read More

Summer Time Mode for Your Spa

Summer Time & Your Hot Spring Spa! The Summer Timer is a feture that can be activated on your Hot Spring Spa during extremely hot summer months to help maintain set water temperatures. Activating the Summer Timer inside Settings causes the heater to immediately shut down. Both heater and...Read More

Hot Tub Test Soak: What to Bring

Hot Tub Test Soak: What to Bring. 1. Flip Flops/Water shoes, Goggles. 2. Beach Towel. 3. Change of Clothes…                                                            ...Read More