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Do you know why you should Convert Vinyl Pool to Fiberglass? Many homeowners will have certain reservations about having their own swimming pool because they often consider it a great burden of maintenance and a water guzzler. If you have a vinyl pool at home, then this notion is true: Vinyl swimming pools will need much cleaning and if you don’t know how to keep the water clean or recycle it, you will be forced to dispose murky water into the main sewers. For owners of fiberglass swimming pools, maintenance is not much of a problem.

The type of material which your swimming pool is made out of will be a factor in your level or mode of maintenance. Vinyl pools and fiberglass pools greatly differ in maintenance attention. The former is always a potential breeding ground for algae, bacteria and other microorganisms that can make your pool an unhealthy and murky place to swim. On the other hand, the latter is considered nearly maintenance-free.

Why Convert Vinyl Pool to Fiberglass?

Less Chemical UseConvert Vinyl Pool to Fiberglass

Algae, molds and various microorganisms like bacteria and protozoan are more likely to be found in vinyl pools than in fiberglass swimming pools. Vinyl pools have porous surfaces which allow microorganisms to breed, which is why you need to scrub your vinyl pool regularly as micro-organisms easily multiply, but scrubbing won’t be enough. To kill the microorganisms in the water, you need to pour more chlorine or other disinfectants or chemicals. However, too much chemicals won’t make swimming healthy as exposure to it can cause skin dryness and trigger asthma.

Fiberglass pools have non-porous surfaces which make it possible for microorganisms to breed. For this, cleaning won’t be time-consuming as there will be less scrubbing and less chemical use to make the water clean and healthy for swimming. Aside from maintenance, you also have less time adjusting your pool’s water temperature and maintaining its healthy pH balance.

Less Time for Scrubbing

With its rough and porous surface, a vinyl pool is somewhat a five-star luxury hotel for algae and microorganisms. If you want to evict these unwanted visitors from your pool, you will need to have more time for regular scrubbing because micro-organisms can easily hide in little spots. Talk about having a pool in your yard but you spend more time cleaning it than using it.

If you have a fiberglass pool, you won’t have to spend most of your time scrubbing. It is easy and less tiring to scrub a pool that has a smooth and non-porous surface. This means less work on your part and more fun for you.

No Painting Job Required

Water can easily cause your pool paint to fade, which is why your pool needs to be repainted once the paint starts peeling or fading. fiberglass pools require no painting job, but only gel color coating which lasts longer than ordinary paints.

In Conclusion

Why have a pool that requires more maintenance than the average pool? While vinyl pools are cheaper initially, they are more expensive in the long run due to maintenance costs. Why not opt for fiberglass pools now? To convert vinyl pool to fiberglass will take time and can be costly, but will be rewarding in the long run. Whether you are converting a pool, or building one from scratch, Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions provides experienced professionals to complete your project efficiently and correctly.