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Why You Need a Self-Cleaning Pool

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Watch this video to see the PV3 system in action:

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Purchase your PV3 self-cleaning pool system at Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions! PV3 is an automatic in-floor pool cleaning and circulation system designed to self-clean your entire swimming pool, including floors, steps, benches and spas.

The circulation and heating system distributes purified, warm water throughout the pool floor. Rest assured in the knowledge that PV3 can effectively clean your entire pool, as well as reduce your heating and chemical costs. PV3 is built into the pool shell for easy storage when not in use. There are no vacuum hoses to put away and the system itself is practically invisible inside the pool floor.

The PV3 System Delivers a Long List of Benefits:

Cleans the entire pool, including walls, steps, spas, floors, benches and even water features.
More than 99% cleaning, guaranteed.
Nozzles have no moving parts and come with a Lifetime Warranty.
Virtually invisible, even while operating.

Enhanced Circulation that saves money on heating and chemical costs.
Available in 8 designer colors to complement any pool surface.
Does not use unsightly hoses.
Keeps your pool perpetually swim-ready!

How it Works:

1. Rotating cleaning pop-up jets are built into the steps, floors, benches and even spas. These jets work together to clean the entire pool by sweeping debris to the pool’s main skimmer and drains.

2. The MDX-R3 safety drain collects the large debris on a continual basis and deposits it in the optional Debris Containment Canister.

3. The optional Debris Containment Canister works with the MDX-R3 drain. It holds the larger debris for easy removal via convenient deck-side access. Additional safety can be achieved with the optional MVFUSE Magnetic vacuum release system (SVRS).

4. The SDX high flow safety drain works in conjunction with the MDX-R3, handling any additional suction requirements and adding an additional layer of anti-entrapment protection.

5. The optional patented SwingJet Ratcheting Wall Returns oscillate in sequence. They use a 90 degree cleaning arc, enhancing the PV3’s circulation and cleaning benefits.

6. The PV3’s automatic Watervalve, the brain of the system, directs a powerful flow of water to the cleaning nozzles. The Watervalve requires no routine maintenance, and is also 100% pressure safe.

Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions of Houston is a Paramount Authorized Builder,  and can incorporate this revolutionary pool cleaning system into your custom pool. Call us at 713-777-7665 (POOL) to find out more.


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"Buying a pool these days is like a vacation. It’s a book & plan-ahead process. But unlike a vacation…this investment doesn’t end!”
– Aaron Nease

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