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What is the right hot tub temperature when not in use? A rule of thumb is that the temperature should be at least 5 degrees lower than when in use. It is necessary to keep it at lower temperatures when it’s not in use so that energy consumption isn’t too high. Just like any other appliances at home that consume electricity, it is necessary to keep the temperature a bit lower so that you can save on energy. Others argue that it should be switched off completely. The reason why you should not switch the hot tub off completely is because it will end up consuming more energy when you’re trying to heat the water up to a certain temperature again. This article will go further into detail about what temperature you should keep your hot tub at when it’s not being used.

Why You Should Keep Your Tub at Low Temperatures

Save Time When Reheating Your Hot Tub

Turning the temperature down by about 5 degrees will make it easier for you to heat the water back to the desired temperature when you’re ready to use it again, as opposed to starting from scratch. You will avoid cases where you will have to wait for too long before the temperature can rise.

Avoid Wasting Energy

It will also be more cost efficient as not as much energy will have to be used to bring the hot tub’s temperature back up 5 more degrees, as opposed to how much energy will be used if you’re starting from room temperature water. Keep in mind that the longer that it’s taking for your hot tub’s temperature to heat up, the more energy that is being consumed as well.

Protecting the Tub’s System

Let’s say that you turned off your hot tub completely over the winter. You risk bursting the pipes and even developing more complications due to the water in the tub becoming frozen. In order to keep the water in liquid form and avoid incidences where the pipes can break due to freezing, you need to keep the water at least 5 degrees lower than the normal operating temperatures. This will not only help you correctly maintain your hot tub, but you’ll also be able to avoid instances where you can cause a lot of damage to your tub.

So, what is the ideal hot tub temperature when not in use? A good rule of thumb to follow is always keeping your hot tub’s temperature 5 degrees below what it usually is. This will save you time when you’re reheating your tub, avoid consuming too much energy, and also protect your hot tub’s internal system.