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Hot Tub Health Benefits

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For years, people have recognized the significant physical and mental benefits of using hot tubs. Among the health benefits of hot tubs: alleviating stress, soothing sore joints and muscles, and relieving the symptoms of such conditions as arthritis, diabetes, and insomnia. Plus, immersing yourself in hot water just feels good! Discover what owning a hot tub can do for you by speaking with Houston’s hot tub and spa installers, Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions.

Disclaimer: Remember to speak with a qualified physician before starting any new health regimen.

Alleviate Stress

A hot tub from Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions can be relaxing for body, mind and spirit. It does this by lowering one’s blood pressure and improving circulation. In addition, the heat from the water and the pulsing of the jets combine to produce a relaxing massage experience. Can’t you see yourself immersing yourself in a Richard’s TBS hot tub at the end of a long workday? Using one of our Houston-area hot tubs is a healthy way to unwind and relieve the stresses of the outside world.

Soothe Pain

The health benefits of purchasing a hot tub from Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions in Houston are not just mental, but physical as well. Soaking in one of our hot tubs, in combination with the pulsating hot tub jets, can relax sore or tense muscles. In addition, the hot tub’s soothing waters can help relieve chronic pain by improving circulation throughout the body. Studies have also found that hydrotherapy can help treat or relieve pain in individuals who have difficulty exercising on dry land. For such people, a Richard’s hot tub could be just what the doctor ordered!

Promote Healthy Living

While it would be a stretch to suggest that hot tubs cure certain ailments, a Richard’s TBS hot tub, if used properly, can be part of a healthier lifestyle. For instance, immersion in a hot tub environment has been known to relieve arthritis pain and stiffness, due primarily to the buoyancy and warmth of the water. As one’s body temperature rises, blood vessels are dilated and circulation in the joints and limbs is increased. A hot tub environment can also reduce blood sugar levels, which is beneficial to people with diabetes. Finally, a soothing soak in a Richard’s TBS hot tub can help alleviate anxiety and stress, thereby allowing for a deeper and more restful sleep.

Whatever your need, Richard’s Total Backyard solutions hot tub can help you feel better naturally.
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Finally we have completed the pool .. it looks amazing. The whole process did go over smoothly with a few minor bumps in the road.. some of the contractors can get sloppy and not perform to the high standards in which we hold them too but all in all not a bad experience!!! We are waiting for landscaping still to be complete but we couldn’t be happier with our pool… thanks Richards!!!

Hettie B.

Very professional throughout the entire process from design to the first pool cleaning. My salesperson helped me the entire way and helped me understand why it is so important to spend a little extra money on the front end of the transaction to save money in the long term. I am happy with my pool.

Brian D.

Richard’s offers a wonderful Pool Care 101 pool ownership class every month. Free class to anyone who wants to learn! Joy teaches the class and she is very knowledgeable with pool chemistry, equipment and the dos’s and dont’s. Highly recommend this class if you are ever interested in owning a pool!

Cristina V.


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