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Sep 25, 2017

How to Build an In-Ground Hot TubWith the right instructions and a bit of work, building an in-ground hot tub in your backyard can be a breeze. Of course, having the right equipment will also make the project go easier, and the outcome more satisfying. Though any avid DIY challenger can set it up in a matter of days, there’s no shame in hiring a professional to handle the stuff you don’t have any experience with. Also, don’t let the simplicity of the project fool you—making mistakes will cost you considerably or force you to redo the whole thing again.
Here’s how to build an in-ground hot tub in five easy steps.

Step One: Designating the Site

Pick a spot in your backyard where you want the hot tub to go. You may want to mark out this area using string, beacons, or even stakes. Plan out the layout of the tub to decide how much room it would need, accounting for all the other accessories (deck, pump, etc.) as well.

Step Two: Moving Some Earth

After marking out the area, our team at Richards Total Backyard Solutions recommends get your excavation tools ready because the next step is digging a hot tub-sized hole in the ground. Having marked out the desired dimensions in the first step, you will need to add an additional thirty inches of space or so around the tub. This is where the motor and the pump will be installed, so make sure you leave enough room. Once the hole is done, pour some concrete into it and let it sit. The deck will go around the space between the shell of the hot tub and the concrete slab.

Step Three: Putting in the Wires and Pipes

Plumbing and wiring come next, and for this, you will need trenching tools to create conduits for the wires in the hardened concrete as well as placement grooves for the drainage pipes servicing the tub. Make the trenches deep enough so that the pipes are flush with the base of the pit when installed.

Step Four: Installing the Hot Tub

Place the shell of the hot tub into the concrete pit and install all the necessary pipes and wires. Once this is done, you can move on to installing the deck of your choice, which should encase the pump and the motor, around the space between the shell and the pit.

Step Five: Connecting Utilities and Securing the Hot Tub

You may or may not need to get some help with this step depending on your level of expertise. It involves the connecting of pipes and wires running through the slab to the hot tub itself, which requires a considerable amount of lifting and aligning (the shell) as well as some technical knowledge. When you’re satisfied that all the connections are in place, fill the remaining space between the tub and the concrete slab with more concrete. It is important to let the concrete meet the edge of the hot tub at a rising angle because this promotes good drainage.

Once you allow everything to dry off, you will have yourself a nice in-ground hot tub right in your backyard. Invest in a good hot tub cover to keep out dirt and debris as well as to prevent accidents. Like mentioned earlier, seeking professional help especially when installing the wiring and plumbing is a good idea, so don’t hesitate if you need to. How to build an in-ground hot tub, It is important to know where the connections that run under your property are placed before beginning the job just to reduce the risk of making some costly mistakes.

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