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Pool Builders Tomball TX – $4,000 OFF Swimming Pool Sale

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Tomball Pool Builders – Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions

Have you ever thought of having a pool in your yard? Well, chances are you like going to your nearby SPA to have fun and of course deep yourself in the cold waters. However, did you know that you can affordably build a pool in your yard? Many people will be surprised saying that they can’t afford, either due to their financial position or the space in their yard. But we at Richards Total Backyard Solutions are here to make your dreams of owning a pool come true. We understand that a pool is definitely a major investment which requires time, energy, yard, and money, and we use what you have to bring happiness to your home.

Planning for Your Custom Pool

The People are determined to enjoy life just like other Americans and over the last few years, pool construction at homes has increased which has motivated different contractors to emerge and build pools in people’s homes. If you’re planning to build a pool and don’t know where to start from, here are the key factors to put into consideration.

1. Ongoing expenditures
It goes without saying that the pool you admire in your neighbor’s backyard or in your favorite restaurant comes with a price. This means that you must be prepared financially to build a pool in your yard. Even after completing the building project, you will still spend money on recurring expenses that include cleaning, chemicals, water, as well as maintenance.

2. Pool size
Besides your preferences, the size of the pool will depend on the size of your yard. Many people tell pool builders Tomball TX to fill the available space with patio and a pool and replace all the grass in the yard. Building a pool in your yard is an excellent way to explore the adventure of swimming and the best place to hang out with friends and family. However, before building, ensure your builder has reviewed zoning ordinances that cover things like the depth of the pool, fencing, easements and set-backs among others. With this in mind, you can have a pool in your yard without having to break a law.

3. Construction times
When planning to build a pool, many people ask, how long will the entire process take? Well, it’s your right as the owner to ask such questions given that you’ve spent money on it and that you can’t wait to see a pool in your yard. Generally, a custom pool builder in Tomball Texas will take from three weeks to twelve weeks to build your pool, which of course depends on your preferred design, size, and other options you may want.

4. Pool safety
When building a pool, you should prioritize safety. This is because the pool at home is meant for entertainment and not for drowning people or animal. Therefore, the pool should be enclosed and supervised accordingly not to harm pets, children, and wildlife. In addition, you should have safety products such as pool floats, life jackets and safety covers to enhance the safety of your family and pets.

5. Insurance
Having a pool in the yard is a dream come true to every homeowner as it makes your home a center of summer fun. However, it comes with increased liability risk and responsibility to your home and yard and you should have a proper insurance coverage. A homeowner’s insurance helps cover your pool in case of damage by a covered peril, and also includes a liability coverage that pays for expenses in any case your guest is injured at your pool. As a rule of thumb, consult your insurance agent before building a pool in your yard for more details.

6. Choosing your pool builder
As stated, your pool is your lifetime investment. It requires reputable builders and you can never go wrong by choosing Richards Total Backyard Solutions. Our doors are always open for our customers and if looking for Tomball Texas pool builder, come to us, and we will walk with you to make your dream a reality.

You Deserve The Best Pool Renovations

Does your pool make you sick just by having a glimpse of it? Well, we at Richard’s Total Backyard Solution understand that your pool is your investment, and we are here to make it beautiful again. We are a family-owned pool contractor, and we are proud to have worked for more than 30 years in the pool renovation business, and we have given all our customers excellent services. Whether your pool needs a simple refurbishment or extensive repairs, you can trust us, and we promise to make the outdated pool a sensational masterpiece.

We follow a five step-by-step renovation process as follows;
• Visualizing the look of your new pool
• Designing your new pool using 3D pool studio
• Engineering your pool
• Renovating
• Enjoying your new pool

Over the years, we have gained a reputation in custom pool building and whether you want an exotic and expensive pool or simple and budget-friendly pool, we are here for you. All our customers are equal before us and depending on what you want, we give value for your money. We understand that our customers are different and everyone deserves to have a unique pool. For that case, we make good use of 3D design system to customize the space in your yard and ensure that we produce the best out of it.

To make it even more interesting, we integrate PV3 Self-Cleaning Pool System in your pool. And because we understand your pool is your lifetime investment, we offer a lifetime pool warranty without adding any cost and if you’re already tired with your old pool, contact us today, and we will make it new and beautiful once again. Check out our gallery, we ensure customer satisfaction and a great custom pool build in Tomball, Texas.

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History & Demographics of Tomball, Texas

Settlement began in the Tomball area in the early 19th century, where settlers found an open, fertile land that received adequate rainfall—perfect conditions for farming and raising cattle. It was on a land granted in 1838 to William Hurd’s heirs. In 1906 the area began to boom.

Railroad line engineers often noticed that the Tomball area was on the boundary between the low hills of Texas and the flat coastal plains of the Gulf, making it an ideal location for a train stop. The railroad could load more cargo on each car, because the topography gently sloped toward the Galveston ports and provided an easier downhill coast. Thomas Henry Ball, an attorney for the Trinity and Brazos Valley Railroad, convinced the railroad to run the line right through downtown Tomball.

Soon after, people came in droves to this new train stop. Hotels, boarding houses, saloons, and mercantile stores all began to spring up in the area. At first, people called the area Peck, after a chief civil engineer of the railroad line. However, on December 2, 1907, the town was officially named Tom Ball, later to be shortened to one word, for Mr. Ball.

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"Buying a pool these days is like a vacation. It’s a book & plan-ahead process. But unlike a vacation…this investment doesn’t end!”
– Aaron Nease