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Mosquito Misting System

The Cure For What Bugs You!

Automated Misting System

State of the Art Richard’s mosquito misting systems offer important features that sets us apart. The differences start with our systems ability to agitate prior to each cycle, so the concentration in the mist is the same every time. The system will work automatically on a set misting schedule and can also be activated on demand by remote.

Safe Misting Formula

The active ingredient in the formulations most commonly used in outdoor insect control and automated mosquito mist systems is called pyrethrin, which is derived from the extract of a certain variety of chrysanthemum flowers.  When applied in a mist, pyrethrin flushes mosquitoes from foliage where they harbor. Shortly after application, the pyrethrin is rapidly degraded by sunlight, and leaves the yard free of residue.

Smart System

The Richard’s Mosquito Misting Systems works automatically or with a handheld remote and provides worry-free outdoor mosquito control.

“Life is too short to feel uncomfortable in your own backyard. With a Richard’s Misting System, you won’t have to.”

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Mosquito Misting Systems from Richard’s

Easy-to-use wireless remote to control your misting system.

Precision-engineered mosquito misting nozzles.

Can be installed on fence lines, trees and risers positioned in the landscaping for a mosquito-free yard.

Check Out The Mosquito Misting System in Action!

Installed in the ground/flower bed.

Installed on the fence.

Installed on the tree.


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