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Custom Pergolas, Pavilions, and more!

Everyone wants a comfortable and inviting outdoor living space! Our range of outdoor shade structures, including arbors, pergolas, and other custom creations, allows you to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings while staying protected from the elements. Explore how our expertly designed and crafted shade solutions can enhance your outdoor experience.

Pavilion built by Richards - Houston Texas


Pavilions are the ultimate outdoor sanctuaries, offering shelter, shade, and an elegant gathering space for relaxation and entertainment. These open-air structures can be customized to suit your specific needs, whether it’s a peaceful reading nook, an outdoor dining area, or a venue for intimate gatherings.

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Arbors and Pergolas

Pergolas are versatile structures that offer both shade and open-air living. They can be custom-designed to provide partial or complete shade, making them ideal for outdoor dining areas, lounges, and garden retreats. Our pergolas are constructed with precision and attention to detail, ensuring longevity and visual appeal.

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Screened Patios

Screened patios offer the perfect blend of outdoor living and indoor comfort. These versatile spaces allow you to savor the fresh air and scenic views without the hassle of pests like bugs or snakes.  Embrace the beauty of nature. Relax, dine, and entertain while enjoying the great outdoors in a screened patio by Richards Total Backyard Solutions.

swim spa arbor by richards - texas

Covana Automated Covers

Enjoy an automated solution that elevates above your spa or swim spa with the simple turn of a key. Eliminate the daunting task of lifting a heavier cover from your spa. experience. It securely locks into place either elevated or closed. It allows you to have control of who uses the spa or swim spa, keeping unwanted visitors away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide answers to your questions about our products, installation, maintenance, and customization, all aimed at enhancing your outdoor living experience.

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What is the difference between a pavilion, an arbor, and a pergola?

Arbors are charming but small, offering minimal shade and serving as decorative accents. Pergolas are larger, providing partial to complete shade and functioning as open-air living spaces. Pavilions, the most substantial, feature solid roofs, delivering full weather protection and spacious outdoor retreats for various activities.

Are your outdoor shade structures customizable in terms of design and size?

Yes, all our outdoor shade structures can be customized to fit your specific style preferences and space requirements.

Do your shade structures provide protection from the rain?

It depends on the structure you choose. Most of our designs provide atleast partial rain protection. 

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