Swimming Pool Automation

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Mar 7, 2019

Have you ever thought how it would have been if you can just come back from a hectic day at work and dive into the pool? The water is completely warm and balanced. You do not have to wait to switch on the pump for circulating the water or switch on the heater to wait for the water to get heated up. Isn’t that amazing? But how is that possible? It is possible with the help of the swimming pool automation system. It will keep your swimming pool perfectly balanced and crystal clear so that you can come back home and jump into pool to unwind.

Swimming Pool Automation

What is this Automation System?

The automation makes it easier for you by eliminating the maintenance problem and waiting time for the water to heat and clean manually. Cleaning and maintaining the swimming pool is one of the most hectic household chores for the ones who have a pool at their home. Be it adding chemicals or scrubbing the pool tiles or running the filters, it can be quite a hectic job. With the help of pool automation system, you can do all these by simply controlling it via a remote. With the help of pool automation technology, you can:

  • Control the pool heater and adjust the temperature of water according to your needs.
  • Switch on or off the filter/pump system.
  • Activate as well as adjust the LED pool lighting.
  • Managing the chemical levels in the pool automatically.
  • Apply as well as remove pool covers whenever needed.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Scrubbing or vacuuming your pool is a hectic job. It isn’t any fun and you have to spend a lot of time for this as it is a really long and tedious process. If you hate to clean the pool all the time, then definitely this technology will help you. Automatic pool cleaners will vacuum your pool and it also comes with brushes. So, whenever the cleaner will pass over it will scrub the tiles perfectly. There are different types of cleaners from where you can choose one. There are pressure side pool cleaners, suction side pool cleaners as well as robotic pool cleaners.

Automatic Timers

The automatic times make it easier for you to maintain a good circulation of water while keeping it warm. They can connect to your pool system by allowing you to trigger the pump as well as pool heater automatically based on the temperature and time. Automatic times can protect your pool equipment and can act as a line of defense against the damages due to freezing in the winter.


You can choose for swimming pool automation because of the amazing benefits it has to offer. You can keep you pool clean as well as swim-ready all the time. It simplified the maintenance of the pool which helps you to spend more time swimming rather than cleaning. You can also remotely monitor the temperature of the pool according to the needs and preferences. If you have any questions regarding the best solutions for your pool, contact Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions.


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