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Have you had your pool for some time now and are contemplating some changes? Perhaps after a recent swim, you notice your pool needs remodeling. Maybe the design is outdated? Whatever the reasons, pool owners at some point will consider remodeling. Here are some swimming pool remodeling ideas.

Swimming Pool Remodeling Ideas

Change the Lighting

Yes, you already have light around your pool. If you have ordinary lighting, replace it with LED lighting. There are many colors to choose from to create the right mood be it red, blue, green, or purple. You do not have to stick to one color. You can change it whenever you feel like. Underwater LED lighting is energy efficient. You can also use LED around the pool.

Replace Pool Finishing

Swimming Pool Remodeling Ideas

After changing the lighting, look at the pool itself. Replace the surface with a more attractive finish such as decorative stones and tiles. The finishes come in various shades to select. You are able to find a color that matches your exterior environment. Resurfacing your pool serves two purposes; boosting its beauty and helping you get rid of worn out surfaces. If you are not sure about what finish to have in place, consult a pool specialist.

Use Salt Water Instead of Chlorine

Chlorine can be harsh on your skin. That is why after swimming in a chlorine pool, you should wash it off by showering. It can dry your skin making it unattractive. Saltwater saves you such problems. It is not as harsh on your body. Salt water systems cost less to maintain than chlorine pools.

Add in Water Features

There is a lot you can do with the water flowing in your pool. Be creative. For example, set up some kind of waterfall at one point of the pool. Sprayers would be great as well. Adopting such features makes your pool look sophisticated. However, water features come with extra installation and maintenance costs. However, they are worth it if you have the money to install them.

Upgrade Equipment and Systems

Some pool equipment consumes more energy than others do. To cut on energy bills, opt for energy efficient equipment. For instance, use solar-powered lighting and heaters in place of those that use electricity. Technology improves every day. Automation of systems is a good idea. It will save you some cash and increase the efficiency of your pool equipment. Automated pool covers and cleaners are worth the money.

Bottom Line

There are many more swimming pool remodeling ideas. It is upon you to decide what you want to add in or around your pool. Pool remodeling involves many things including changing the lighting, resurfacing, installing energy-saving equipment, automation, and using salt water systems instead of chlorine. For more pool remodeling ideas, talk to Richard’s Total Backyard Solutions