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How many types of fire pits are there? Well, fire pits come in numerous alterations but they can generally be grouped into four categories depending on the kind of fuel each pit uses. There are gel fuel, wood burning, propane, and natural gas fire pits. In this article we will take a look at these different types of fire pits.


Different Types of Fire Pits


1) Wood Burning Fire Pits

A natural replica of campfire, but limited to a contained space, these pits provide an authentic experience complete with real smoke and the crackle of wood. Varieties of wood burning fire pits include:

Stone or Brick Fire Pit

This is a popular, classic style passed down through the centuries with its simple design, encompassing the use of materials such as bricks, stones, or cinder blocks.

Different Types of Fire PitsWood Burning Grill

Apart from providing aesthetic and sensual delight of a contemporary fireplace, this pit also doubles up as a grilling and cooking gear courtesy of the grill gate that can be set above the fire.

Outdoor Fireplace

Either of the above two makes can be turned into an outdoor model to spruce up your backyard and it could be stationary or portable depending on your preference.

Wood burning fire pits are great in terms of providing a natural, homey experience However, the use of wood fuel requires a lot of work.


2) Propane Fire Pits

These offer an elegant variation boasting top-notch and alluring flames and can come in an array of designs to suit your taste buds. Glass, rock pebbles, and sometimes faux wood is used to mold the architecture with there being three derivations of propane fire pits as follows:

Copper Bowl Fire Pit

Featuring on the high end of the cost scale, copper bowl pits offer delightful eye candy and great longevity as well.

Propane Portable Fire Pit

To ensure mobility, these pits can either be light in weight or incorporate wheels into the design thereby ensuring you can place it wherever you see fit. Aside from the ambience and warmth of a modern-day fireplace, you also get cooking functionalities with this type.

Fire Pit Table

This pit takes on the mantles of fireplace and table by featuring a vast ledge around the periphery that not only provides a place to set a meal/drink but also ensures a safe distance between those nearby and the flames.

Propane fire pits are appealing because of their convenience, however they can set you back a hefty sum in terms of fuel costs. Also, food cooked over the pit is quite unlike the quality that you’d get with wood-cooked dishes.


3) Gel Fuel Fire Pits

Gel fuel fire pits tick all the right boxes when it comes to portability, exquisite design, quality flames, and versatility. Generally, two alternatives have been coined from mainstream designs and they include:

Tabletop Fireplace

Whether you’re looking to add a little vibrancy to a subtle living room or breathe some new life into a bland backyard, this fireplace is enchanting and affords a beguiling fireplace culminating in beautiful flames at the top concealed within a table-esque design.

Gel Fueled Logs

A nice and clean alternative to wood fuel, gel fuel logs provide the ambience of a real fireplace and are just as portable as the former.

Gel fireplaces are beautiful and convenient but they are hard to come by, since they don’t provide as much heat as the other varieties.


4) Natural Gas Fire Pits

Natural gas fire pits are an upgrade on propane models, providing a nice fireplace that runs on an endless supply of fuel from a natural gas line incorporated into the design. There are two primary types as follows:

Sunken Design

Just as its name would suggest, this pit is a slight underground version with flames residing beneath the surface.

Table Top, Round or Square Design

If you prefer a raised version, this design provides a beautiful alternative encompassing the use of brick, stone, or copper foundations to raise the flames.

The major benefit with these pits is that maintenance costs are usually quite manageable although the initial installation could need you to dig deep into your pocket depending on a variety of factors such as location. Also, these pits have the added drawback of immobility.


In a nutshell, there are four different types of fire pits with various models and designs coined from the conventional layout of these four. Hopefully, this article gave you some perspective into the different types of fire pits.